Hello everyone! I have been neglecting this Blog a bit of late as i’m still trying to decide if I should make a new knotty one…ah decisions decisions! At the moment i’m leaning towards yes, so I just need to sort everything out before I make the big move!

Today is Fathers Day here in the Uk, I wrote a post on my other Blog about my amazing Dad (My Dad), if you would like to read it then please feel free! You can also see other bits and bobs I’ve been up to recently!!

So other than that there isn’t too much to report! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and please bare with me whilst I make the move from here to wherever I end up!! Thank you all for your time!

I shall leave you with some photos of my Dad 🙂

Dad and Me!

Dad and Me!


Me Dad and Zippy.

Me Dad and Zippy.





Moving on.

I’ve had this Blog a little while now! When i’m in a good place I Blog quite regularly and I do enjoy it! I also have another Blog about my arty shenanigans! Having two Blogs can be quite challenging but I think I’m doing ok! The thing is I might be adding another Blog to the collection……which is presenting a little problem!


Can I really keep up with 3 Blogs? The honest truth is I don’t think that I can! Little red crafting corner is for all my crafty exploits except all i do is knit….knit knit knit haha! I’m also hoping to get my Etsy store back up and running properly soon! I’ve been working hard on lots of new designs and really trying to work on it as a business and not just a hobby! So my idea is to keep my arty Blog because, well, thats about art! I will then open a new Blog about my knitting!! So it might be time to say goodbye to little red crafting corner!


If I do go down this road I hope that you will all follow me! It’s pretty much going to be exactly the same except it will have a name that is more like what its about (knit knit knit)!! It will be like a nice fresh start for us all!!  Do you think this is a good idea? I’m never very good at this sort of decision! I was going to add some funny photos to the bottom of this post but i’m working from my new Mac and i’m still trying to get to grips with it……so yeah….sorry about that!!




The long and winding road.

It’s been almost 2 years since I last posted on this Blog.  A lot has happened to little old me since I was last here.  So much that I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the details! But i’m back now, I’m back and things are going to be better than ever!




In 2011 my beloved Dad passed away.  I have written about this briefly before but for those of you who are new here he went in to hospital with a hernia and never came out again.  He had an operation to fix the hernia but due to a combination of things (his age, asthma and Emphasyma) he suddenly passed away whilst in the ICU a couple of hours after he came out of theater.  I felt like the bottom had fallen out of my world, My lovely, funny, clever Dad was gone.  But I carried on, I still had my Mum to look after and i was in the process of buying a house with my partner at the time.  I carried on as best i could and managed pretty well for about a year!

Then September 2012 happened.  Things between me and my partner didn’t work out.  I still don’t 100% know why but it hit me like a train.  Suddenly I had lost my Dad and my boyfriend, my lovely house and even my cat Lupin.  I had to move out of the house we shared and leave 10 years of our life together behind.  I cried a lot, I wished things were different but I carried on as best I could!

I found a new place to live (a house share with 3 other lovely people) and i settled in.  My wonderful freinds (RL and internet) rallied round and I was never left on my own for too long and they let me moan…and moan…….and mmmooaaaaannnn.  Despite the sadness I had fun and realised I had good people in my life.  I even met someone new…..



Then in April 2013 my Mum got sick.  She never told me how bad she was and I didn’t have any reason to think things were that bad.  One day she collapsed in town and had to stay in hospital.  She had all sorts of tests but she told me they were all ok.  She came out of hospital and i tried to see her as much as I could.  She had seemed to pick up but then one day i got a call.  Mum really wasn’t ok.  Eventually she had to go back in to hospital and it was then that I found out she had cancer and she wouldn’t be getting better.  I don’t know to this day if she knew and just kept it from me or if she was in denial. It wasn’t long before she began to deteriorate.  Eventually she couldn’t hang on anymore and then she was gone too.  I cried and I cried.  There were times when I felt like I had no one, that I was all alone.  But once again my wonderful friends rallied round to help as best they could.  My Auntie and uncle travelled from St Helen’s every day to help me with funeral arrangements and sorting through 30+ years of my mum and Dads life.  It was difficult and upsetting and for a while i was very very down.  It felt like there was a weight on top of me. But I carried on as best i could.


So it’s been almost a year since I lost my Mum and in July it will be 3 years since I lost my Dad.  I’ve sold their house and sorted all that stuff.  I’ve left my job that i’ve been in for 7 years in persuit of something different.  I’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Barcelona with my new boyfriend and my friends and family are all still wonderful 🙂 

I’m doing pretty good and things can only get better I hope!! So stick around, i’m planning on being here for a while!!!








I totally forgot where I was up to…..

I can’t remember what bits of knitting I’ve posted on here and in all honesty I’m not in the mood to go looking 😛 I will just post the photos I have so I’m sorry if you have seen them before haha!!

Sherbert booties!

I made the booties above for a friend of mine to give to her Niece as a present!! the one on the right is before you sew it up not a giant bootie 😛 I used the self striping wool which is why the two booties are slightly different colours!! I really like knitting booties… idea why!!

John Impman 😛

This little guy took me a while to do! He was a present for my friends mum’s birthday and I am soooo pleased with how he has turned out! This is the first proper toy I have managed to finish!! It’s from an Alan Dart pattern and was very easy to follow!! I love Alan dart, he does the best toy patterns!! I’ve already downloaded a couple more! They cost about £2.50 depending how big they are! He sometimes puts free ones up too!!

Twinkie Chan Notebook

On a completely different note, here is the notebook I ordered from Twinkie Chan 😀 I always try to buy a little something when she updates her Etsy shop!!

I don’t have much news! I’m working on some things I can’t show you just yet but I can’t wait until I can :-p Just trying to get through the next few weeks….then I’m off on holiday OH YES!!

Hope you are all doing well!!


Oh hello there, nice to see you again :-)

Sooooooooooooooooooooo it’s been a million years since I blogged on here!! I feel that I need to apologise!! The end of July is a hard time for me as it is the Anniversary of my Dad passing away.  I’ve also had ALOT on with work……..ALOT!!! But I have actually managed a little crafting so the next Blog I do will be a nice little catch up with photos and everything!!

Anyway that is all for today, please stick with me and I will see you all soon 🙂

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