Me and my Red paw gloves!

Hi there, I’m Carol and I’m the owner of this blog!  I’m 27 years old and I come from Liverpool, England. I have a job in a shop in the City Center…..It’s a hard shop to describe, think Stationary, cards, gifts, art supplies (in bigger stores) and you’re almost there.  What I really love to do is craft and make things.  I wish I was better but I do what I can. You can find my stuff in my Etsy store Snow Bunnys Knits 🙂

My Cat Lupin!

I live at home with my Boyfriend John and my cat Lupin (name inspired by my fave Harry Potter Character Professor Lupin…or maybe Lupin the 3rd!!), she is a very cute black cat that we took in from the streets!! As a result I am now a crazy cat lady who wants as many cats as I’m allowed haha!!  Expect some posts on the exploits of my little kitty!!

I have many wonderful friends who you will get to know in the course of this Blog, we have lots of good times together and hopefully I will be armed with my trusty camara (its like an extension of my arm!) to capture them! I like sunny days and ice-cream, the colour red and collecting cute stuff! I like to listen to music and watch some films, and go on holidays and drink ice-cold milk………..

Welcome and enjoy the ride 🙂


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  1. Tom
    Nov 21, 2011 @ 01:23:21

    Hay there
    while doing my random trolling online i saw that you had a picture of me and you wanted to know who i am well … I am the Vincent Valentine That was at May Expo 2011. Nice to meet a fan. ^.^


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