I beat Rita…….Queen of Speed!!!!

Hello everyone πŸ™‚

This weekend has been a bit madcap!! More cleaning and sorting of my old bedroom, a family visit, a trip to Alton Towers and various craft projects I need to finish up before we move in a week or so :-S Not enough hours in the day, really πŸ˜›

So this post is about my trip to Alton Towers (for those of you who don’t know this is a theme park here in England!!)! I don’t really go to theme parks as I have a thing about rollercoasters!! In my mind I want to go on them but I can’t handle the anticipation of the slow climb up the first hill and I start to panic…..really not a pretty sight!!

Me, David and Laura!

The weather wasn’t great and my hair really didn’t like this…..hence the big fizzy mess on my head haha!! This was before any of the rides or anything!! Anyway I promised myself I would try my very best to go on some cool rides! I only ever go on the Log Flume and the River Rapids….and considering the cost this is very bad πŸ˜› We decided to head towards 13 first as it’s quite new, on our way we passed Rita, Queen of Speed and it was decided that this would be the first ride…….so I join the que and try very hard not to panic πŸ˜›


The idea behind Rita is that you shoot off at like 100mph or something (I don’t know the actual speed) rather than climb slowly up the first hill! I had to take my glasses off and everything which was a bit weird as I couldn’t really see much haha….maybe that helped! I started to slightly regret my decision as they came round and fastened me in but I just closed my eyes very tight and hoped for the best! Jeez its fast πŸ˜› I mean I knew it would be fast but it really is fast πŸ˜› I didn’t make a sound the entire time I just kept my eyes closed and told myself it would be over soon haha!! It’s quite sad but I’m actually really proud of myself……I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it!!

This is how we looked on Rita Queen of Speed!!

I had to get the photo just to prove I went on the damn thing haha!! Seriously how funny do we look?? I don’t think I moved from this position the whole time!! I think I would go on it again, now I know it’s not awful and I’m not going to die haha!! I must have used up all my reserves on that ride though as I couldn’t persuade myself on to any of the other big ones 😦 One look at the slow climb up the first hill on air made me feel a bit sick….hopefully next time coz I plan to collect these………..

My Medal πŸ˜€

Yes I actually bought myself a medal haha!! I know this is very sad but I don’t care I love it πŸ˜› They have one for all the big rides so wish me luck collecting them πŸ˜‰

It was a pretty good day out apart from the torrential rain…I’m not good with rain but I think I did ok at the not moaning thing!! I ended up on Dual (a ghost train were you shoot things and get a score, we discovered that John needs to get out more and stop playing Call of Duty on the PS3 :-P), Log Flume, River Rapids (got soaked on both!!), the runaway mine train and these waltzers type things that you spun yourself!!

Well anyway my rambling about my accomplishment is over πŸ˜› How are you all with rollercoasters etc?? I hope I’m not the only one who chickens out πŸ˜›

Good night all πŸ™‚


Lou, Lou and The Boy!

Good evening all πŸ™‚

So last week me and John went to see my Friend Lucy in her new band (Lou, Lou and The Boy). Well that was the plan anyway! We went to a bar for a few drinks and some food and the football was on! The match had only been on for about 5 mins and Liverpool had already scored 2 goals…….I let John stay to watch the rest of it haha! The score was 5-2 in the end so it must have been quite exciting!! Anyway I actually did go to see Lucy sing and it was soooo good!

Lou, Lou and The Boy!

Lucy is the one on the right with the guitar!! The photos came outΒ  a bit blurry as I turned the flash off and it was very busy so people kept bumping in to me πŸ˜› I stood with Lucy’s mum who I haven’t seen for ages!! I’ve known Lucy for years now!! We met in school when I was about 16 and she was about 13! She has always been a fabulous singer and she is super cute too πŸ˜€

Yeah...I need lessons πŸ˜›

This was kind of up beat stuff….you could defo dance to it too πŸ˜€ Just my kind of thing!! They have a Facebook page HERE but there isn’t too much on there just yet…this was only their 3rd gig! But do keep an eye out as they really are very good!!

Next up we watched Hot light Fiesta…I think that was the name I didn’t quite catch it!! I really didn’t get a good photo of them 😦 sorry guys!! These were very very good! By this time john had (drunkenly) appeared and was very VERY happy due tot he Liverpool win haha!! Now John isn’t one to say he likes something if it’s only ok and even HE liked Hot Light Fiesta!! He kept on telling me this over and over again….. Check Hot Light Fiesta out HERE! These guys have You Tube stuff up so you can get a feel for them!!


Turning Red!

Hot Pink!!

The building above was pretty cool! I have no idea what it actually is! I think it’s a University building but it’s very funky either way πŸ˜›

Well that is all for now πŸ™‚ Hope you have all had a good day πŸ™‚

A really rather strange post about tights….

I’ve been neglecting my poor old Blog of late 😦 We are in the process of packing up to move and I’m also in work most days too…..plus I have like a million and aΒ  half projects on the go :-S I’m hoping that when we finally move I can settle in to a better routine so I can get better at this blogging thingy majig!! Although I do have the really not very good prospect of having to move in with my parents for a few weeks! It’s not that I don’t like my parents…i do…a lot πŸ˜› It’s just that there house is very small, my Dad is half deaf and has the TV on crazy loud and I have to take my little Lupin with me, which would be fine except they already have a cat there!! Oh well!!

Lupin Cat!

Well anyway back to my original post TIGHTS!! Yes yes I know it’s a bit weird to blog about tights but these are special tights!! They are H! By henry Holland tights….if any of you have ever seen any of them you will know what I’m talking about πŸ˜› He doesn’t do subtle let’s put it that way!!

Bandana Tights!

It’s at this point that I realise I didn’t clean the mirror first haha!! The tights are pretty comfy too which is unusual for tights haha!!

A better pic of bandana tights?

You can’t really tell but the middle bit of the “bandana” has a rally cute pattern on it! I did try to take a photo but im photography skills are average at the best of times…but heer it is anyways haha….

Close up of bandana tights!

My second pair of tights are even cooler….well to me anyway!! The best thing about both these pairs of tights is the fact they were in the SALE Wahoo! Henry Holland tights usually cost between Β£10 and Β£15 but these were Β£3.60 and Β£4.50….total bargain!!

Can you tell what they are?

Go on have a guess…………

So that is it really!! Well for the whole tights thing anyway!! I have some photos from a recent night out I will Blog ASAP…..honestly I really mean very soon πŸ˜› I also REALLY need to update my Etsy shop but uh yeah I haven’t got round to that in a while….but feel free to visit anyway….Snow Bunnys Knits!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..well the river anyway!

Howdy all!! So the weather has been pretty good round here the last couple of weeks (sadly I think that mat be over with now…its a bit gloomy today!!) so me and John decided to go out for some fuuuuuuun! Unfortunately the day did not go as planned and I ended up sulking like a teenager haha!!

We were planning to get a train to some were nice so we could take some pics! We got into town nice and early(ish) and went to go get some Breakfast! Half an hour later and we are still waiting for said breakfast! It turns out that the server guy got our table wrong and took our order to another table…..even though the couple at the other table had ordered two breakfasts and the server took them a breakfast and a portion of chips…they still took it off him and proceeded to eat it!!! Does that make sense to anyone else??

By the time we got our food and had eaten it was too late to get the train anywhere 😦 We decided since it was sunny to go down to the Albert Dock and maybe get the Ferry Across the Mersey (que cheesy music :-p) to Seacomb and walk down to New Brighton! We get to the Albert Dock and there is a boat show on, so I get my camera out to take some pics…….and realise I haven’t actually charged it *face palm*….as soon as I took a picture it started flashing red at me NOOOOOOO!!

Sunny Albert Dock

I’m not really a boat person but this boat show has all tall ships and cool old style boats from around the world!! At this point I started worrying, should I turn my camera off after every photo or leave it on? what would be the best way to conserve the power?? Argh not good πŸ˜›

John, caught by surprise!!

Me in front of a cool boat and the ne Museum of Liverpool Life!

Please forgive my hair…it was very windy and I was having a hard time keeping it under control haha!! We walked around for a bit longer and I managed to get one more photo before my camera died 😦 John wanted to take a panoramic shot, he had to use the menus to get the setting and before he could even take it, the camera went off 😦 I must admit I proceeded to act like a teenager throwing a strop haha! I shouted at John for using the menus when really I was mad at myself for not keeping it charged!!

Close up of the Liver Buildings behind the Museum of Liverpool Life!

There was some Sea Cadet show on…which we missed, but John did get himself a Hog Roast burger and I had a twister mmmm twisters!! There wasn’t much point getting the Ferry to New Brighton if my camera wasn’t working as there isn’t much to do there except take photos of Liverpool from the other side haha!! I wasn’t in the best mood by now either πŸ˜› John kept trying to tell me we could do it again, but the weather here is so unpredictable that god knows when it will be that nice again! I was just disappointed that I had ruined the day!!

So the moral of my story is to always make sure your camera is charged πŸ˜› Hope you all have a very lovely day πŸ™‚

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