Baby, I got the Warm Fuzzies….

I had the pleasure of winning a prize from a Blog recently πŸ™‚ It was part of the last One World One Heart thing (check out the One World One Art that will be taking place this year!!) and all I had to do was stop by and leave a message πŸ˜€

Warm Fuzzies!

So here I am with my lovely Prize……..thank you Whoopidoo…ings πŸ˜€ You should check out the Blog, it’s really cute and has lots going on!! I’ve had a quick look through my book and I’m really excited πŸ˜€ It’s all about using old jumpers and things to make felt bits and bobs!! It seems easy to follow and has plenty of templates in!! If I had a dog I would be making this…….

Hot Daaawwwwggggg!

Seriously how cute is that? Maybe I can make it as a present for someone else’s dog!!! I’d love to make it for John’s Mum’s Dog! She is a Lhasa Apso Called Honey, but I think she is a bit to crazy for this jacket…I don’t think she would keep it on πŸ˜›




Whilst I’m talking about dogs I’d really love a Papillion puppy!! I’m actually not a dog person which is why we have a cat but I just think Papillions are the cutest thing ever!! They look so small and delicate! I know it will never happen though…….mainly because John knows that deep down I’m not a dog person πŸ˜›




I got that ever so cute photo from Here!! Anyway back to the topic at hand!! Since I don’t have a dog but have a cat instead….


Lupin Cat!


I will be making a different Project from my Warm Fuzzies book! Not that Lupin will use it, like most Cats she tends to ignore the things I buy her and use my couch instead πŸ˜› Anywayz I will be (attempting) to make this for Lupin Cat…..



Cute Cat Mat!

I will take some photos of the stuff I make….if I manage to make any of it πŸ˜› It might give me the push I need to Finally get my Sewing Machine out and give it a go!! Wish me luck everyone and once again THANK YOU WHOOPIDOO…INGS!!



Swap – o – rama!

I recently joined a cool website called Swap-Bot where you join swaps and (as the name would suggest) swap things with people from all over the place!! This appeals to me a lot!! I’m a newbie so I did a couple of simple swaps at first (exchanging comments on Flickr etc!!) But I recently moved on to a bigger “Candy Swap”!! I didn’t think to get pics of what I sent my Swap partner, but it was basically an assortment of haribos, a happy hippo, a malteser bunny, some chuppa chups and some hubba bubba!! When I received my parcel I discovered it had come from Italy πŸ˜€


Candy Swap Package!

I haven’t had a chance to eat any of it yet πŸ˜› I have my eye on those yellow ones at the front!! Oh and the tic tacs….you gotta love tic tacs!! I was quite pleased that my Parcel came from Italy! I went there a couple of summers a go and loved it but I don’t recall trying any of the sweets there!! I will DEFO be doing a candy swap again soon I hope!!


A Twinkie Chan Delivery!

My hair bow that I ordered from Twinkie Chan’s Etsy Shop arrived πŸ˜€ Its sooo cute!! I don’t usually go for overly pink things but I couldn’t resist this!!


Hair Bow!


This is a very bad photo of me! It was 7:30am and I was just getting ready to go to work which is why I look like a ghost that has been dragged through a hedge backwards πŸ˜› You can’t really see the bow from this angle but it has a Love Heart type bead in the middle which says “Cool”!!


Twinkie Chan Hair Bow!


This is the actual bow from the Etsy Shop!! It’s bigger than hair bows I usually go for but I think it looks cute in!! People keep asking me if I made it… i wish πŸ˜› One day I’ll be able to whip up some cool stuff with my crochet hook…..just not right now haha!!


Cyril Squirel!

This is a kind of cute picture of a squirrel hiding behind a tree πŸ˜› It looks better when the photo is bigger obviously!! We were in the local park, me my friend Debbie and her Little baby Amy, when this little dude appeared and walked along side us…..he probably thought we had food πŸ˜› Oh and I’m afraid I can’t post a photo of Debs as she would actually MURDER me if she found out!! Maybe i’ll sneak one in next time πŸ˜‰


I made Doughnut Cupcakes……..

“A Doughnut Cupcake?” I hear you cry “Why Yes” I cry back!! I decided to try something completely different and make super cool doughnut cupcakes! To be fair I had no clue they were super cool at the time but it turns out they are πŸ˜€


My Batter!


I was all set to type out the recipe for you guys but I’ve misplaced the book :-S I don’t know how this has happened as I don’t have a big kitchen…or even house πŸ˜› The general gist was to beat together butter, sugar, eggs, flour, milk and baking powder to make a nice smooth batter.Β  Fill up the cupcake/muffin cases two-thirds of the way and then add a blob of jam into the center!!


Jam Blobs!


I didn’t have Strawberry jam so I used raspberry!! The recipe is for 12 but I only have a 6 hole bun tin…..a bit annoying but better than the bun tin I had before….my muffin cases didn’t even fit in the damn thing πŸ˜› Anyway the next step was to cover the jam blob with a bit more of the batter then place in the over (I think it was gas mark 4) for 25 mins or untill golden brown!! You then melt some butter, cover you doughnut cupcakes with it and crush a sugar cube over it…I didn’t have a sugar cube so I just used normal sugar…it kind of dissolved a bit!! Retrospectively i should have expected that!!


Ta-da...finished doughnut cakes!!

And here they are….my finished doughnut cakes πŸ˜€ I took a few for my mum and dad but John ate the rest πŸ˜› I bake quite a bit but I’m not a huge fan of cakes so it’s usually up to John to eat them……..i think he thinks I’m trying to make him put weight on πŸ˜›



Me and John!


Someone said they like to see Pics of the people I Blog about so here is a pic of John…..he will kill me if he sees this so lets all keep it our little secret πŸ˜‰ It’s not a great picture but its the most recent one I have!! It’s from around my Birthday in December!! I really could do with a tan *cringe* πŸ˜› Even when i “tan” I don’t actually look like I’ve tanned! I am not made for the sun!!

Whilst out shopping with my Mum she treated me to a new Cupcake book (love my mum!!).Β  It’s The Humming Bird Bakery book.Β  I can’t wait to give some of them a go!! I’m going to be brave and try frosting… decorative frosting *gulp* I can’t see that ending well!!


The Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes and Muffins!

I got this picture from good old Amazon!! I love Amazon! In fact I have a Β£16 gift voucher to spend there… i go for a little browse πŸ™‚ Woo!! I realise I haven’t really done much crafting Blogs recently…I’m hoping to change all that soon!! I’m a bit behind and I’m blaming work haha!! I have lots of projects in the pipeline….watch this space!!


Family Tree (of doooooooom!!)

A little while back my Mum told me that some family solicitor guy had sent her a copy of her family tree!! She was sooo excited and to be honest so was I πŸ˜› I love all that sort of stuff! There were so many family members we didn’t even know existed!! It goes right back to the 1800’s!! So I took it upon myself to take this Family Tree, which the guy had completed in word, and make it all cool and stuff in Photoshop……..that was about 6 months ago and I’m STILL trying to do it!! I want it to be a surprise for Mum so I keep having to tell her I can’t do it!!

My immediate family is really quite small.Β  My Mum only has one sister, my Dad has no brothers or sisters and neither do I! My Auntie had 3 kids but only one of them has had any Children! It’s pretty easy to keep up with them all πŸ˜›


Me and Dad!


This is me and my Dad…yes he is a little shorter than me which is funny as I’m only 5ft2 and a bit πŸ˜› This was taken last year so he is 75 in this photo!! People say I look like him but I don’t see it?!?!


Me and Mum!


This is me and Mum……can you believe she is only 4ft10 πŸ˜› I’m actually the tallest in my house haha!! We never have any pictures of the three of us as it only tends to be the three of us together and someone has to hold the camara πŸ˜› I haven’t really met many members of my family as a lot of them have sadly passed away.Β  My Mum and dad are quite old considering I’m 27 and I don’t have any sisters or brothers! I never met my Grandad on dad’s side or my Nan on my Mum’s side and the other two grandparents passed away when I was quite young!! We do. however, have a big ginger cat that scares the living daylights out of me!!


Loki in a Box!

He may look cute all tucked up in this box…but he really isn’t!! Or should I say wasn’t πŸ˜› Age has definitely mellowed him haha!! He still won’t let you stroke him though…or sit on your knee, and he demands to be fed or heads will roll…my dad must have the patience of a saint!!


Anyway back to this damn family tree!! I originally thought I could fit it all on to an A4 piece of paper (we only have an A4 printer here).Β  After painstakingly writing each line for each family member on a separate layer in Photoshop I discovered this was not going to work! I can’t describe to you how frustrated I was πŸ˜› It took me months to figure out I couldn’t do it…..I feel like I’ve lost a few days of my life there!! Then there is the background! I had visions of a really cool faded tree in the background……can I get it to look right? Hell Nooooooooo! Maybe I can try to make it look like a scroll?? I’m disappointed that the image in my head isn’t working out!!! Boooooo!

My plan now is to make it on a bigger canvas and send it to somewhere like Snapfish or Photobox to print out….I mean at the end of the day it’s just pixels right?? I would really like to get it done before Mothers day, i think she would really love it πŸ™‚

Photoshop of the day……


Jammy Writing!

This is a birthday card I made for a friend of my mum’s son!! I was really pleased with this πŸ˜€ I’m planning on using it for a few more cards in the future πŸ˜‰


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