London Comic Con 2011……

I really need to get better at this whole Blogging thing!! Anyway, a few months a go I was VERY happy to be going down to London for my very first Comic Con!! I would really love to go to the ones they have in America, but since that’s not going to happen anytime soon London will have to do!!

I wanted to dress up, isn’t that the point of these things?? Well John wouldn’t let me 😦 BOO! He was convinced we would be the only ones there in a costume and look very silly…….boy was he wrong haha! I had arranged the tickets for really early in the morning as I didn’t want to miss a thing, even on the train from Lime Street we bumped in to people in costumes…..I think I definitely used the words TOLD YOU SO πŸ˜›

To be fair the place was just a giant hall filled with stalls were you can buy Cosplay stuff, Japanese sweets, Anime figures etc but this suited me fine as I LOVE to shop πŸ˜€ I could have just sat all day looking out for cool costumes of my fave game characters!!

Storm troopers!

This is one of the first sites that greeted me as we arrived…………….STORM TROOPERS!! I think these guys were like official people coz they had AMAZINGLY good costumes on! Either that or someone went a little crazy online haha!!

The Joker and Harley Quinn!

Masterchief........Master Chief? Well he is from Halo anyway πŸ˜›

Not sure who he is but he kept following us πŸ˜›

Mortal Combat!

STEAMPUNK!! I Love steampunk!

He's pointing his gun at me EEK πŸ˜›

Can anyone say LINK!!

I loved this guy, I wish I'd gotten on the photo with him!

More Steampunk!


These aren’t even half of my photos πŸ˜› I won’t post them all in one go or you will literally be here forever haha! The first thing we did was to have a quick walk around to see how big the place was! It was so busy and HOT! I couldn’t believe some of the costumes, they were just amazing! I tried my best to get shots of all my faves but everyone was moving around so much! I should have got on more of the photos but John was a little embarrassed about taking photos with people we didn’t know! I was very happy when we found the Steampunk bit as I love steampunk! I could have happily browsed here for ages! They had all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and costumes on display!

This scared me a little!

I have to say the one above did scare me a little haha!! Near to the Steampunk section was the comic book section! They had artists their selling their stuff! Some of them even drew little pictures of you whilst you waited.Β  This is another thing I should have done and WILL do next time. I did buy some nice postcards off an artist, I don’t have the cards on me at the moment but I will find out their name as they were very good! So stay tuned for part two of my Comic Con Post!!

In other news, WE FINALLY HAVE THE KEYS TO OUR NEW HOUSE! All we need to do now is move everything and get decorating YAY! Although I actually hate moving I can’t wait to get in πŸ™‚ I’m also nearly done with my custom scarf (phew) so I can’t wait to get that sent off! I’m going to offer custom scarfs for the winter so I decided to get a head start on that! I’m also hoping to offer knitted tree decorations so watch this space πŸ˜‰ Check out Snow Bunnys Knits in the next few weeks for more updates πŸ™‚

Whilst I’m self promoting I should also say I’m on Facebook so feel free to Like me on there, and also follow me on Twitter @snowbunny_caz Go on you know you want to πŸ™‚

Thats all for now folks!


Debbie’s Cupcakes….mmmmmmmm!

*First of all I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments at this difficult time! Me and Mum are doing ok and just taking each day as it comes! I guess that is all we can do! Thanks again everyone!*

soooo if any of you are regular readers of my Blog you will know that from time to time I like share Links with you all πŸ™‚ well my dear friends, this is one of those times! You will also know that I do like a good cupcake (Jenny Rae’s Lil Cake Balls), so imagine my delight when my lovely pal Debbie told me she is starting her own business making CupCakes for any occasion!

Now her business is in the VERY early stages as she builds up her cupcake portfolio and website but I really think it is worth a little nosey! Spread the love so to speak πŸ˜‰ She has been on a course and has all her supplies ready! I know she has a Christening lined up and I’ve also placed an order for four cakes (as a little Thank You gift for someone)! Please check out her website, its soooooo cute! You can also follow her on Twitter (@Debs_Cupcakes) and like her on Facebook….go on you know you want to πŸ™‚


I love this little flower!

Two Tone Butterfly, hand painted by Debbie!

These are just some of her practice cakes from the course she did! I must point out that she didn’t make the cake bases as they were mainly to practice the swirls πŸ˜› She did, however, hand paint the decorations and pipe the swirls!!

The cupcakes come in singles, 4’s, 6’s, 12’s, 24’s and Giant!! You also get a choice of wrapping (she is VERY good at ribbon bows….trust me!). She hasn’t perfected her combo’s just yet, but if you e-mail her then she is very willing to listen and give them a try! Debbie gives 100% to everything she does and I know her cupcakes are ACE!! Please help me spread the word and also have a little nosey yourself, you won’t be disappointed!!

So there you have it, check out the cupcakes and let me know what you think….even better let Debbie know!! I’m finally back on track with my knitting, well I say that, I’m actually just trying to sort out the custom scarf I was asked to d a while back!! I am also in the middle of moving house AGAIN!! This time is special though as we finally BOUGHT a house EEK! Bit scary πŸ˜› My brain is a little full with everything that is going on right now!!

Oh a quick question, I tried a bit of colour today… did that work? Should I just stick to the black?? let me know what you think!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone πŸ™‚

A heavy Heart…….

Hi everyone!

It’s with a very heavy heart that I make this announcement…….for those of you who follow my Blog you will know that my Dad was in hospital for a couple of weeks waiting for surgery etc.Β  Unfortunately he didn’t make it.Β  He came through the second lot of surgery and me and Mum went to see him, a few hours later he had passed away.

I’ve finally picked up my knitting needles again and have begun to do a little bit of an evening as I do have a lot of half-finished projects! I hope you will all stick around as I will be back, bigger and better than ever πŸ™‚

Take Care everyone!!

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