Merry Christmas everyone!!

Ok so I know it’s late but I really hope everyone had a lovely festive period 🙂 I had a nice time myself untill I got sick on Boxing day but that is a whhhooolleeeee different story!!

So earlier this year I signed up to an Advent Swap on Hookin with Laalaa’s lovely Blog. I’ve never done anything like this before so I was a little nervous but it all went very well I think/hope 😛 I totally forgot to take a picture of the parcels I sent and of the parcels I received……yes I know I am very silly!! Anyway my Swap partner for the advent swap was kathy of Postcards from the PP!


Advent Swap Day 1 - 15!

Look at all the lovely things Kathy sent me 🙂 It was so exciting opening something every day!! I meant to take a picture each day but there always seemed to be a million and one things to do 😛 I think my fave things were a pair of Rudolph earrings, a snowman badge and the silver bird that I will put on my tree next year!!

Advent Swap day 16 - 25!

I totally love the stocking 😀 It’s soooooo cute! It was a lovely experience and I hope to be involved in something similar next year!! I hope that Kathy enjoyed the stuff I gave her too *fingers crossed* 🙂

I also signed up for a Secret Santa Swap on Crafty Whoopidooings fab Blog.  The idea being that we all get a name and try to find out what they would like as a secret santa gift.  I was very lucky to receive mine all the way from New Zealand 😀

Secret Santa!

My personal favourite thing from these little beauties was actually the Christmas Card I was sent! It’s all summery and pretty and completely not what you would expect!! I was sent a little card with my parcels which I don’t have to hand at the moment so I will post the link in my next Blog!!

See you all soon,



Cupcakes and Leopard print!

Good afternoon all 🙂

I recently entered a cupcake swap on Oh Sew Beautiful’s Blog, it kind of happened by accident……ok I totally gegged in on it 😛 I saw the owner of Oh Sew beautiful asking if anyone wanted to help out as they had one person who didn’t have a partner so I thought “why the hell not” and asked if it could be me!! It was loads of fun, mainly as I LOVE cupcake themed things 😀 I hope I sent ok stuff, I was a bit nervous but I knew I wanted to include some hand-made things so I knitted this…….

Knitted cupcake!

I have to apologise for the poor photo, it’s from my BlackBerry which really isn’t made to take photos of any kind haha! I got the pattern out of a ‘Twenty to Make’ book. I don’t know if you have ever seen them but they are really cool! They have a theme and have twenty things to make in that theme! I have 4 of them already! This one was from ‘Twenty to Make: Knitted Cakes‘. The patterns are pretty easy to follow….I say that but mine actually went a bit wrong! The case is far bigger than it was supposed to be 😛 That’s totally my fault though, I used the wrong sized needles!! OOOPPS!

The other hand-made item I sent was made by my good friend Katie! She does really cute papercuts so I asked her to make a special cupcake one! For those of you who aren’t sure what Papercutting there are lots of websites on the net dedicated to this fine art! I totally forgot to take a photo of the papercut cupcake so I have had to use the photo that the lady who received my parcel took 😛

Papercut cupcake!

Katie doesn’t have a website just yet but she is in the process of setting one up so I will let you all know when she does 🙂 Isn’t it cool?? I really wanted to frame it but I ran out of time 😦 The other bits I got I thought would be quite practical as my Partner (caz)  has just started University (hence the pen, sticky notes and note-book :-P)!! I can’t wait to get my parcel 😀 I will let you all know what is in it when it comes!!

I’ve also signed up for an Advent swap on Hookin with laalaa’s Blog…this is going to be a challenge but I honestly can’t wait! I also have a few orders to complete before Christmas……wish me luck everyone!!

On a completely different note, we have been decorating today 😀 We’ve started with my little room…mainly as it’s the smallest haha! I’ve painted the walls white (I’m not sure about this yet as I’m not really a fan of no colour…and no I don’t count white as a colour haha!!), and we have started putting up the wallpaper…….

Leopard print wallpaper!

I suppose you could have guessed from the title what it was going to be 😛 I LOVE it!! I’m only doing that one wall in it though! Do any of you have any different ideas on what colours I could do the walls to go with this or should I stick with white? I can’t wait till its done and all of my crafty stuff is in here 😀 YAY!

Hope you are all having a lovely week, byyyeeee for now!!

Short but very sweet!

Ah I’ve had a busy couple of days in work but at last its FRIDAY WAHOO!! This is going to be a short post today, mainly to show off the Postcard I was sent in another swap from Swap Bot! The theme was Sweet Tooth! I sent a postcard with a close up picture of liquorice Allsorts on the front……I haven’t had a rating or anything yet so I’m starting to worry it didn’t make it safely!! The card I was sent was this…….


Looks very Yummy!!


Sadly The Postman bent it trying to get it through the letterbox…silly Mr Postman! I’m going to start a little album to put all the postcards I get in……John will kill me if I have them lying around all over the house 😛 I have an album already but next time I’m gonna get a plain one I can decorate myself!!

I treated myself to a couple of books recently so I can’t wait for them to arrive 😀 They are a mixed bag that’s for sure!! You will see when I inevitably Blog about the arrival of them!! I’m also planning a nice little Blog about one of my fave artists….her stuff makes me smile a lot 🙂 Right I’m off to watch NCIS…..HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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