Cupcakes and Leopard print!

Good afternoon all πŸ™‚

I recently entered a cupcake swap on Oh Sew Beautiful’s Blog, it kind of happened by accident……ok I totally gegged in on it πŸ˜› I saw the owner of Oh Sew beautiful asking if anyone wanted to help out as they had one person who didn’t have a partner so I thought “why the hell not” and asked if it could be me!! It was loads of fun, mainly as I LOVE cupcake themed things πŸ˜€ I hope I sent ok stuff, I was a bit nervous but I knew I wanted to include some hand-made things so I knitted this…….

Knitted cupcake!

I have to apologise for the poor photo, it’s from my BlackBerry which really isn’t made to take photos of any kind haha! I got the pattern out of a ‘Twenty to Make’ book. I don’t know if you have ever seen them but they are really cool! They have a theme and have twenty things to make in that theme! I have 4 of them already! This one was from ‘Twenty to Make: Knitted Cakes‘. The patterns are pretty easy to follow….I say that but mine actually went a bit wrong! The case is far bigger than it was supposed to be πŸ˜› That’s totally my fault though, I used the wrong sized needles!! OOOPPS!

The other hand-made item I sent was made by my good friend Katie! She does really cute papercuts so I asked her to make a special cupcake one! For those of you who aren’t sure what Papercutting there are lots of websites on the net dedicated to this fine art! I totally forgot to take a photo of the papercut cupcake so I have had to use the photo that the lady who received my parcel took πŸ˜›

Papercut cupcake!

Katie doesn’t have a website just yet but she is in the process of setting one up so I will let you all know when she does πŸ™‚ Isn’t it cool?? I really wanted to frame it but I ran out of time 😦 The other bits I got I thought would be quite practical as my Partner (caz)Β  has just started University (hence the pen, sticky notes and note-book :-P)!! I can’t wait to get my parcel πŸ˜€ I will let you all know what is in it when it comes!!

I’ve also signed up for an Advent swap on Hookin with laalaa’s Blog…this is going to be a challenge but I honestly can’t wait! I also have a few orders to complete before Christmas……wish me luck everyone!!

On a completely different note, we have been decorating today πŸ˜€ We’ve started with my little room…mainly as it’s the smallest haha! I’ve painted the walls white (I’m not sure about this yet as I’m not really a fan of no colour…and no I don’t count white as a colour haha!!), and we have started putting up the wallpaper…….

Leopard print wallpaper!

I suppose you could have guessed from the title what it was going to be πŸ˜› I LOVE it!! I’m only doing that one wall in it though! Do any of you have any different ideas on what colours I could do the walls to go with this or should I stick with white? I can’t wait till its done and all of my crafty stuff is in here πŸ˜€ YAY!

Hope you are all having a lovely week, byyyeeee for now!!


London Comic Con part 2…….

Hmmm so where was I up to?? I probably should have checked my last Comic Con Post before I started πŸ˜› Here are the next batch of Photos from my adventures at the London Comic Con!!

Wow look at her gun!!

I really liked these guys! I would soooo love to get dressed up, I wouldn’t even know where to start haha! Just around the corner from the steampunk bit was this bad boy……

I need this in my life!

Can you honestly imagine driving around town in this? Well it would help if I could actually drive but that’s a whole different story right there!! take a closer look at the stirring wheel……

Just cool!

As we were walking around we saw the back of what looked like a very good Belle (from beauty and the beast) costume… turns out we did but it wasn’t at all what we were expecting…….

A+ for effort!!

I don’t know if this guy was being paid to dress like this but he did not look like a happy bunny bless him!! Literally everyone wanted to take his photo, I really think he was on the verge of crying!! We ventured outside to get some food and fresh air as it was crazy hot inside (and smelt a bit too eek!!)! There were just as many cool costumes there too! I have to put this next picture in as Vincent Valentine is one of my fave Final Fantasy Characters ever!!

Vincent valentine!

It was a very detailed costume and very impressive!! I should have run over and got on a photo but I was too shy πŸ˜› If anyone can tell me what/who this next photo is of I’d be very grateful as I have no idea but it’s really cool -P

Random orange dude!

There were a lot of people dressed up like they were in some kind of band πŸ˜› Ok maybe not any sort of band I’ve ever seen but that’s what they reminded me of haha!!


I mainly took this next picture because it made me laugh….

Batman making a call on his mobile πŸ™‚

Can you believe I still have MORE photos πŸ˜› I will hopefully get around to posting them soon.Β  I’m a bit of a happy snapper, I never want to miss a single thing and I get super annoyed if I do! What can I say haha!!

So in knitting related news….I feel I should relay some knitting related news as this Blog is the Little Red CRAFTING corner πŸ˜› I am well on my way to finishing the ‘Maggi’.Β  Maggi told me to go wild….so I have!! I hope she likes it!! Fingers crossed my friends fingers crossed! I have a few more orders to do to, mainly things for Christmas presents! If any of you lovely people are after a custom unique scarf then I am the lady for you πŸ™‚ Please feel free to message me with any questions about any of my knitting!!

Byeeeeee for now πŸ™‚

Oh Sew Beautiful!

I am Oh So behind with my Blogging due to the big house move and waiting for the internet to be connected!! It was finally done today but the Jury is still out as to whether it’s actually working properly or not!!

Soooo anyway a couple of weeks a go I was asked to make a Mug Hug for the lovely Oh Sew Beautiful! I was very excited as I’ve never sold a Mug Hug before even though I do have quite a few in my Etsy Shop (Snow Bunnys Knits)! I used a design I have in my shop but in a colour that she requested! Well she requested ‘dusty pink’ I must admit dusty pink is not a colour you will find in my stash and I wasn’t actually sure what would constitute dusty pink but I took a quick trip down to the wool store to see what I could find!

After standing there for about half an hour deliberating between two pinks, walking towards the counter and then changing my mind more than once I finally picked my Dusty pink!! I also picked up a couple of little wooden flower buttons for the fastening!! I was pretty nervous as a Mug Hug has to be the right size….obviously or it will either not go around your cup or slip off and that would be baaaaaaaaad! The pattern is a basket weave pattern which I find very appealing to look at but in the end I decided it needed a little something else……a bow πŸ˜€ I picked a cream organza ribbon and made my bow!

Jodi's Mug Hug!

Ta-da….what do you all think? I’ve only just learnt how to tie a proper bow so I was pleased with this effort!! I think it adds a little something…well I hope it does! I guess we will have to ask Oh Sew Beautiful…….. πŸ™‚ All in all it was a pretty good custom experience which I hope to repeat!! Incidently should I continue to call them Mug Hug’s or is cup cozie better???

If anyone would like a custom mug hug or scarf then please feel free to contact me or browse my Etsy shop for ideas!! I’m taking orders now πŸ™‚

Hope you are all looking forward to your weekend!!

The Custom scarf……is COMPLETE!

Heeelllloooo everyone! Just a quick post today (hoping to post the rest of my Comic Con photos over the weekend!) to show you all that I FINALLY finished the custom order scarf!! WOOOOO I can’t tell you how happy I am!!

wooooo its done!

I’m sorry about the incredibly bad, strange coloured photo of the infamous scarf! I’m STILL in the middle of moving so all of my really useful stuff is in boxes….and sadly I didn’t label anything up…..I can almost hear the cries from my more organised friends! The colour is a nice mint green and the hearts are in cream! It’s taken so long to knit as I got the order the week my Dad passed away and my brain was somewhere else for a little while!

The lady who ordered this scarf has been an absolute saint so I really hope she likes it! Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!! I will be posting it at the weekend and then its on to my next custom order! It’s for a Mug Hug which should be a lot quicker to do πŸ˜› It’s for the lovely Oh Sew Beautiful (click to check out her Blog).Β  She makes some really cute stuff that she sells on Folksy, I have my eye on the Christmas decks πŸ˜€ They really are the cutest things!

So to my knitting! I’m makingΒ  a huge HUGE effort to make it take off this winter! Scarfs are my speciality after all! I am offering custom scarfs on Etsy (don’t worry if you don’t have an Etsy as long as you have a PayPal you can contact me and we will sort it out!).Β  This means you can have any of the designs in pretty much any colour you like! There will be some lovely stripe ones, plain, and some with motifs which I am working on as we speak! πŸ™‚ Just think it will be Autumn soon, we could all do with a nice warm scarf! I will also be selling some Christmas themed stuff! If you are looking for hand-made Christmas then look no further! The patterns are Alan dart patterns…..and we all know how amazing his stuff is!! Follow my Facebook page (snow bunnys knits) and Twitter (@snowbunny_caz) to keep you up to date with whats going on!! I am really excited about all this and I really hope you will be excited too πŸ™‚

Well I am off for now, see you all soon πŸ™‚

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