I wish I was a digital Artist…

Or an artist of any kind really!! I have a great imagination but I can’t draw for toffee!! It makes me sad sad saaaaaad 😦


Mezzotint 1920/30's era


I guess I’ll have to stick with my Photoshop Tutorials for now!! I love this poster above, I’m proud that it worked!! I love the feel of it because I love anything to do with the 1920/30s!! I have a ring my Nan left me when she passed away that she had when she was younger…from around that time! I’d love to get it cleaned up and wear it! I’ll have to try to get a picture up sometime!!

I bought some baking supplies today to make some Gingerbread men! Iv never successfully made a biscuit in my life! They always go too hard or they spread and join to form one giant biscuit! So I will need all the look in the world for these to come out well haha!!


Carry on going SUPERLAMBANANA’S!!…and other things!

So then here is part two of my (epic) tour of Liverpool’s fine Superlambanana’s (I learnt today that it’s actually one word)!! First things first, here is a website with a little bit about the original statue himself…. “SUPERLAMBANANA“.

And so to the tour…….




These were two of my personal faves!! The tree one was actually painted silver buy you can’t really tell here!! The other one had Braille writing on it!!


Ba Ba Braille Sheep


Yeah it was a bit windy that day….hence the awful photo haha!! These two sat outside the main train station so are probably quite famous…well as famous as a lambanana can be!!


Unfortunately I don't know the name of this guy!


I’ve put the photos in the wrong order I think (this is a sure sign I need to clean up my files :-P)! Towards the end of Capital of Culture year most of the lambanana’s were gathered together so people could get to see as many of them up close as possible!!


A business type banana πŸ˜›


This was my Dad’s fave one!! Pinstripe suit baby πŸ˜› haha!! man it was busy on this day….but lots of fun!!


Kenny The Superlamb


This is the lambanana that was right by my house! Ha I was well happy!! And he actually managed to survive intact!!


ooo its shiny!!


He was pretty cool and extremely shiny!! I just realised there were no glittery lamabanana’s….what’s that all about? πŸ˜› I will have to mention that next time we have a lamabanana parade!!


My total fave of all of them!!


He surprised me coz his spiky bits were actually very squishy!! That’s why I look so amused on the photo….maybe I need to get out more haha!!




Do you recognise this guy? ah very popular as you can well imagine!!! I practically had to que to get my photo taken with him haha!!




And finally we have supergrassbanana….well I say finally, there are actually more photos that i wasn’t able to get on!! Anyway this guy was covered in astro turf….ASTRO TURF MAN πŸ˜› It kind of made him cuddly!! Awww these photos made me sad that they went away! The council sold them at an auction….i think/hope the money went to charity!! Most people wanted them to stay, but the Council said no BOO 😦 Never mind I have my photos haha!!

Maybe I’ll put a collection of my faves together….or maybe I’ve just gone a bit lambanana mad?? My mum bought me a key ring and a snow globe and my boyfriend bought me a cuddly one haha!! let it go Carol let it go!!

Today I bought some more wool too…nice spring time colours, very excited to sho you guys!! I have plans for some more brooches and mug hugs but I’m also hoping to branch out…maybe keyrings or necklaces!! I will post photos of the new wool colours asap!!


Lollipop Brooch!

Oh and here is my new brooch on Etsy!! My first attempt at a lollipop brooch, does it look like a lollipop?? Ah I hope so!! I’m very proud of this though I have to say πŸ™‚ Anyway thanks for sticking with me to the bitter end of the Lambanana’s, I may have gone a little mad but they are kinda cute!!


Em and Sprout!

I just have to tell you about a lovely little Etsy Shop called Em and Sprout! It sells lovely accessories and clothes!! I bought a lovely t-shirt from there a while back!


My T-shirt!


I love it because it’s quite unusual and I know not many people will have the same one :-p The customer service was great and my item arrived nice and quick! I have to say their prices were pretty good too! They also do hoodies, bags and belts and hair accessories which are a personal fave of mine!! So if you get a chance you should definitely check it out…..if your looking for super cute at reasonable prices then this is the place for you!!

Go Super Lambanana Go!

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Super Lambanana….but he is pretty famous round these parts!! You either LOVE him or HATE him! I personally LOVE him and always have! I suppose about now you are probably wondering what the heck a Super Lambanana is? Well he is basically what he is described as…half Lamb half Banana and he is pretty damn super…no really I’m not kidding here!!


In all his Glory!


And there he is…isn’t he magnificent?? I’m not sure if you can get a good idea of the scale of this thing from this photo but he is HUGE!! And bright Yellow and he brightened up my day every time I walked past him to the library in Uni!!


Me and the Super Lambanana!


I think most people hated him and he was almost sent away….i’m not sure why he wasn’t in the end! I think it had something to do with CAPITAL OF CULTURE! That’s the title Liverpool got around 2008 (I actually can’t remember the date, it might have been 2009)! Anyway as part of the “Celebrations” they came up with GO SUPER LAMBANANA GO…I might have made that title up a bit πŸ˜› They made loads of mini Lambanana’s and got artists and locals to decorate them and name them then placed them all over the city! You could get a little map and a checklist to make sure you saw them all!!




So I made it my mission to find as many of them as I could……and of course take a photo πŸ˜› This is me and Lamb-bassador, he was down by the docks! See I’m dedictaed…i even went looking in the pouring rain!!


Just Chillin with Rocksy!


The funny thing is, after these little guys started to pop up people started to like him! You would regularly see groups of people with their little Lambanana maps looking for a certain one!!


Supercottonwoolbanana and Superlambananaleaves


Now there are over 100 of these little beauties, sadly i didn’t get them all 😦 BOOO It was not through lack of trying I can tell you!! There are so many that I’m only putting up the ones that I managed to get on the photo with and it will probably still have to be a two-part post haha!!




This one was in the courtyard outside were people get married! My friend even has him on her wedding photos haha! I bet he is on quite a few wedding photos!! You can actually see confetti on the floor by my feet!!


SuperWagBagBanana and Koppy


The Wag bag one freaked me out a little, I really have no idea why! Koppy was cool though but that’s because I’m a Liverpool FC fan πŸ˜€ You can see how busy it was..i couldn’t get a shot with just me in it!!


Our Working Community


Each Lambanana had a little thing about the artists on, as I say some were by actual artists and some were designed by us locals…not me sadly though haha!


I can't work out which one this is!!


Argh I can’t work out which one this is and silly me didn’t make a note at the time haha! I think its Superconectedlambanana…but don’t hold me to that!!

And so concludes my Super Lambanana tour for today!! I hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

Short and sweet!

When I started this Blog I was on a break from work….hence the “Blog a day” πŸ˜› I’m back in work now but I’m hoping to keep it up…..I honestly could probably post 10 posts a day haha! Today is a day off and I’m doing what I hate doing most FINISHING TOUCHES!! This is usually what people enjoy the most but I’m just not a fan!! I don’t like hand stitching and I’m not good at gluing or working with fidley things in general haha!!

I’m currently working on 2 brooches and u mug hug/mug cozy!! Sort of on a tangent…what do you all think of mug hugs? I can’t say many people use them around here…maybe they are a waste of time? Or maybe I can change it and have EVERYONE walking round with one! Think big!! haha! Hopefully I will have at least the mug hug done by today!!


Blue Mug Hug

Green Mug Hug

These are a couple of the mug hugs I have in my Etsy shop at the moment!! I put a T and C on the label to represent Tea and Coffee, I thought it was kind of cute!! They have had quite a few views but still no sales as of yet *crosses fingers*….I’m told I need more stuff in my shop to have more of a chance of selling…..but knitting isn’t the quickest of crafts πŸ˜› Everyday I hope and hope that I’m closer to making a sale, I’d be sooooo happy!!


Oh and just for your viewing pleasure……


Playing with the Curves!

This is my friend at her wedding! This shot is one of my faves…and I didn’t even set it up like that πŸ˜› I used a Curves adjustment layer and pushed up the red (I think…I’ll be honest its been a while since I did it :-P)! It seems to have caught the highlights of her dress quite well! It was such a lovely happy day and when I look at this picture it reminds me of that!!


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