The shortest Blog Post in the World…..possibly!

Hi all……..this is basically just a blog to let you all know that I am alive and well 😀

Me right now!

See that’s me right this very second!! Soooo I’ve had to move back to my Mum’s house! This has its plus points but I do feel a little crammed and its VERY loud here 😛 I also had to bring my little kitty with me……Mum and Dad already have a cat so you can imagine what fun that has been 😛 My poor little bedroom is basically a room with a bed in….but it could be worse I guess haha!! I’m also having to use Mum’s dinosaur of a laptop which is SUCH a pain…hence the lack of communication on my part!!

Anyway that’s it for now, I’m hoping to come back bigger and better as soon as I can 🙂 don’t forget me you guys 😉


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