I’ve gone Sugar Skull crazy!!

Once again my Friends this post will be fairly short!! I haven’t had much chance to craft recently but I do have a new project on the go!! It’s a practical project too which is always good!! 😛

I don’t know about all you lovely ladies out there, but I have a horrible time trying to store my necklaces!! If I have them in a jewellery box they seem to get tangled and broken 😦 I don’t know if this just happens to me but it happens all the time! So I thought to myself, how else can I store them?? The solution I have come up with is to hang them on a cork board and hang the cork board up on the wall……well it’s worth a try!!

I’ve had this cork board for a while but I couldn’t think for the life of me how to decorate it! I didn’t want it to just stay like that, that is just not me at all! In the end I decided to at least paint it white as this would make a good base coat!! Inspiration finally came the other day! Why not paint a Sugar skull design on to the cork board?? 😀 GENIUS!!

So that is my plan! I have no clue if this will even work but it’s worth a try! It looks good in my head, but most of my ideas look good in my head….most end up unfinished or going completely wrong :-p

In other news, I’ve almost finished the baby blanket YAY!! I have redesigned it slightly and I’m really pleased with the result! I will take pictures as soon as I can!!

I hope you are all doing well 🙂 Take Care!!


It’s time for something new…..

Hello everyone!

So recently I’ve been getting a little bored with Knitting! I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because every day after work I get in and knit knit knit! I want to branch out and try some new stuff! I’m trying to start drawing a bit more (drawing is not my strong point :-P) as I used to love doing that as a young girl! You can check out my attempts at my new Blog ‘Pouring my hART out’.

Something else I’m going to try out is Cross Stitch! I’ve actually tried it in the past but never ever finished one :-S I am determined this time though!! I have grand ideas though! I was looking on Amazon and found this…..

Oh if I could do this I would be sooooooo happy!! Maybe I should start with something a little smaller though?? Or should I be brave and just go for it?? 😛

I’m still going to be knitting, I have commissions for Teddy Bear socks and jackets that I have to complete! I also have a jumper for myself and a baby blanket 🙂

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Papercuts – The good kind!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick one today really! I’m knit knit knitting away trying to get my custom Teddy Bear hats done 😀 I have completed one and I’ve almost finished the second one! I couldn’t take photos though as it’s been raining today and the light in here is awful!! Once the hats are done its on to some coats and socks….also for the bears! The best dressed bears in the world me thinks 🙂

So to the Paper Cuts!! I have to admit, paper cutting as an art form is something im fascinated with! Mainly because I have no clue how to do it haha! I just can’t imagine how to cut something out of paper and make it look that good!! The first time I ever saw this Paper Cutting was in a shop called Utility! It was the work of Rob Ryan!

'Believe In Goodness'

Isn’t this lovely?? If you get a chance you should definitely check out the website!! Anyway, my lovely friend Katie likes to cut paper 🙂 When she first told me about it I was very intrigued and I was right to be! Her stuff is sooooo cool!!


Yes, that really is a Paper Cut Facebook page 😀 I couldn’t believe it when I saw it but I knew what it was as soon as I saw it!!


You can check out her website at Katie Cuts Paper! I’ve asked for a couple of commissions from her! Sadly I don’t have any photos of those 😦 One was a lovely pink cupcake for a cupcake swap I did and the other was a Strawberry as a Christmas present for another friend!! I REALLY wish I could do something like this!! If you would like to see my (sad) attempts at Art, check out my new Blog ‘Pouring My HART Out’!

That is it for now folks, go and enjoy the paper cutting  loveliness 🙂

Wallpaper woes!

Hi everyone!!

So it has definitely been one of those weeks this week! I won’t go into details but I’ll be glad to get it over with, lets just put it that way!! I have, however, been quite productive which is nice.  I managed to finish an owl brooch and two phone/Ipod covers but I’ve only managed to photograph one.

Blue bow phone/Ipod cover!

As you can see, my awful photography skills strike again! I attempted to change the White Balance on my camera but it has so many dials and buttons I have no idea if I actually managed it! I deffo think I need to find a tutorial or something :-S Anyway I haven’t listed this bad boy yet but hopefully I’ll get around to that later!! I am also very close to finishing a toadstool brooch which I am pretty pleased with so far 😀

I moved in to a new house in September and we decided that now is the right time to start a little redecorating! The house is fine as it is but I want to mak it a little more me……..or should I say us 😛 Me and my boyfriend have very VERY different tastes in decor so I wasn’t expecting it to be easy but to be honest it’s gone well! We’ve decided on purple/plum for the living room and have narrowed it down to two wallpapers we like……

Close up of wallpaper one.

Close up of wallpaper two.

I’m quite partial to the first one but what do you guys think? I’ve put the pictures on Facebook too and it seems to be quite even with the flower one ahead by maybe a little bit!

Side by side.

I don’t think the colours show up very well on here (my AMAZING photography skills again!!) but the colours are so rich! We are only doing the chimney breast in it as a sort of feature wall!! I’m so excited 🙂

In other news I’m thinking of starting a new Blog……don’t worry I won’t be getting rid of this one 😛 I’m hoping to get more arty and creative. I know you can’t force that sort of thing but a good friend of mine has stated that she would like to be creative for at least 10 mins a day (Yes Carmen I’m talking about you!)! It’s actually not as easy as it sounds 😛 Anyway my new Blog will hopefully be about my arty adventures…..get ready for a horror show people as I have many disasters when I pick up pencil’s paint or anything else like that 😛

And I’m going to end with some self promotion……….visit my Etsy store Snowbunnysknits for all your cute knitty needs 🙂

Making my craft space a little cuter…..

Hola everyone 🙂

Sooooooo my lovely Friend Carmen from Crafty Whoopidoo….ings makes the most lovely canvases……don’t let her tell you she doesn’t because I have proof……

Ta-Da……isn’t it lovely?? Sorry about the really bad quality photo, I will get better photos once I dig out one of my cameras from the millions of boxes currently stuffed into my mum’s attic…..that is a whole different story haha!

Anyway back to the fab canvas! I didn’t really give her much of a brief just red and cute but not girly haha!! I’m so glad she picked an owl as I LOVE owls 😀 You can’t really see it in this awful photo but its shiny and the owl and some of the leaves stand-off the canvas to give it a bit of depth! I love the colours too! The yellow works well with the red!

My plan is to put him up in my little craft room in my new house…..if I ever get a new house (that is also a completely different story!!)! I think he is going to look great on the wall (I will take photos of that when it happens!!), I may even decorate around it!!

I’m so pleased with the canvas that I’ve asked for another one!! This one will be a birthday present for my Friends baby! I thought it would look really nice on the wall of the nursery! I’ve got a few more ideas for this one and Carmen has been great listening to them! My main plan is to let her work her magic on it though as I know she will do an amazing job! 😀

I’m so pleased with it and so grateful too! WOO! So I think everyone should go on over to Carmen’s Blog and check it out 🙂 You won’t be disappointed!!

I don’t really have any more news yet……or photos 😦 that bit is making me very sad as I love to document everything that happens! I can’t bloody wait to move…….everyone cross their fingers the house moves happens soon!!

Take Care everyone!!

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