A not very crafy post!

Hello one and all πŸ™‚

I’ve mainly been working on knitting cardigan’s for my cousin’s little boy’s Teddy bears! I have no clue if that sentence is grammatically correct but you get the picture πŸ˜‰ Anyway i’m almost done with them now! They just need to be sewn together and posted all the way to Switzerland!! I still haven’t quite finished the baby blanket but that’s because of a lot of fiddly sewing!!

I don’t know if any of you saw on the news about the Sea Odyssey spectacular that was in Liverpool a couple of weeks a go? It was based on a true story about the Titanic! It involved GIANT mechanical robot type things walking around Liverpool to music……..i realise how mad this makes me sound but I have proof…….


Can you see it? It probably doesn’t look that big yet……..

ImageThis bad boy is about 50ft tall!! You really don’t get a sense of how big it is until you see it in real life!! It walked for miles all around Liverpool! I only got to see a tiny bit of it as it walked past my street!! There was also a girl giant who was about 20ft tall and a dog too! The event ran over 3 days and the giants had beds to sleep in and everything! The man giant was trying to find the girl giant and in the end they did! They sailed off together!! The story is quite complicated but if you google Liverpool Sea Odysey I’m sure it will explain better than I can πŸ˜›


These photos are taken from my local park! I nearly didn’t go and see it but I’m glad I did now πŸ™‚ It was nice to see something like this outside of the City Center!!


And here is a photo of a nice Blossom tree as the giant says good bye πŸ™‚

Well that is all for now! I hope you are all doing well!!


Christmas works night out – oh yes!

Helllooooo! I’m back again……..


So recently (like November I think!!) I went on my Christmas works night out! I actually work on two sites with the same company but I only get one free night out πŸ˜› This year was the turn of my Friday work place!! We went quite early so it would be a little quieter and to make sure we could actually book somewhere!! We ended up going to a nice little Italian called Moranto’s (I don’t actually have a clue how you spell it!!) outside the City Center so it was nice and civilised haha!!

Ready to Party!!

I kind of have crazy eyes on this!! It happens a lot, clearly I have no clue how to pose haha!! The meal in general was lovely, although we did have a disaster with one of the Pizzas! They didn’t put it on the original order and when we told them they tried to rush it and it wasn’t cooked very well (they did give it to us for free though!!).Β  I also had a desert for a change, mint ice cream mmmmm!!

Once the meal was done we moved on to a random pub, I literally have no idea what it was called! We were able to find seats though so that was a bonus!!

Sharron and Emily

Me and Bianca

This is not the most flattering photo of me ever but it’s the only one I have with Bianca! Isn’t she adorable??

Anna-Marie and Nina

Sharron dancing!

They had an acoustic set on which was quite good and set us all off dancing! Well we sat in our chairs swaying from side to side πŸ˜›

The whole gang!

And here we all are at the end of the night!! A very colourful bunch haha!! So all in all it was a nice night and free too….you can’t complain about free πŸ˜‰

Hope you are all having a lovely run up to Christmas….not long now πŸ˜€


Debbie’s Cupcakes….mmmmmmmm!

*First of all I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments at this difficult time! Me and Mum are doing ok and just taking each day as it comes! I guess that is all we can do! Thanks again everyone!*

soooo if any of you are regular readers of my Blog you will know that from time to time I like share Links with you all πŸ™‚ well my dear friends, this is one of those times! You will also know that I do like a good cupcake (Jenny Rae’s Lil Cake Balls), so imagine my delight when my lovely pal Debbie told me she is starting her own business making CupCakes for any occasion!

Now her business is in the VERY early stages as she builds up her cupcake portfolio and website but I really think it is worth a little nosey! Spread the love so to speak πŸ˜‰ She has been on a course and has all her supplies ready! I know she has a Christening lined up and I’ve also placed an order for four cakes (as a little Thank You gift for someone)! Please check out her website, its soooooo cute! You can also follow her on Twitter (@Debs_Cupcakes) and like her on Facebook….go on you know you want to πŸ™‚


I love this little flower!

Two Tone Butterfly, hand painted by Debbie!

These are just some of her practice cakes from the course she did! I must point out that she didn’t make the cake bases as they were mainly to practice the swirls πŸ˜› She did, however, hand paint the decorations and pipe the swirls!!

The cupcakes come in singles, 4’s, 6’s, 12’s, 24’s and Giant!! You also get a choice of wrapping (she is VERY good at ribbon bows….trust me!). She hasn’t perfected her combo’s just yet, but if you e-mail her then she is very willing to listen and give them a try! Debbie gives 100% to everything she does and I know her cupcakes are ACE!! Please help me spread the word and also have a little nosey yourself, you won’t be disappointed!!

So there you have it, check out the cupcakes and let me know what you think….even better let Debbie know!! I’m finally back on track with my knitting, well I say that, I’m actually just trying to sort out the custom scarf I was asked to d a while back!! I am also in the middle of moving house AGAIN!! This time is special though as we finally BOUGHT a house EEK! Bit scary πŸ˜› My brain is a little full with everything that is going on right now!!

Oh a quick question, I tried a bit of colour today…..how did that work? Should I just stick to the black?? let me know what you think!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone πŸ™‚

Lou, Lou and The Boy!

Good evening all πŸ™‚

So last week me and John went to see my Friend Lucy in her new band (Lou, Lou and The Boy). Well that was the plan anyway! We went to a bar for a few drinks and some food and the football was on! The match had only been on for about 5 mins and Liverpool had already scored 2 goals…….I let John stay to watch the rest of it haha! The score was 5-2 in the end so it must have been quite exciting!! Anyway I actually did go to see Lucy sing and it was soooo good!

Lou, Lou and The Boy!

Lucy is the one on the right with the guitar!! The photos came outΒ  a bit blurry as I turned the flash off and it was very busy so people kept bumping in to me πŸ˜› I stood with Lucy’s mum who I haven’t seen for ages!! I’ve known Lucy for years now!! We met in school when I was about 16 and she was about 13! She has always been a fabulous singer and she is super cute too πŸ˜€

Yeah...I need lessons πŸ˜›

This was kind of up beat stuff….you could defo dance to it too πŸ˜€ Just my kind of thing!! They have a Facebook page HERE but there isn’t too much on there just yet…this was only their 3rd gig! But do keep an eye out as they really are very good!!

Next up we watched Hot light Fiesta…I think that was the name I didn’t quite catch it!! I really didn’t get a good photo of them 😦 sorry guys!! These were very very good! By this time john had (drunkenly) appeared and was very VERY happy due tot he Liverpool win haha!! Now John isn’t one to say he likes something if it’s only ok and even HE liked Hot Light Fiesta!! He kept on telling me this over and over again….. Check Hot Light Fiesta out HERE! These guys have You Tube stuff up so you can get a feel for them!!


Turning Red!

Hot Pink!!

The building above was pretty cool! I have no idea what it actually is! I think it’s a University building but it’s very funky either way πŸ˜›

Well that is all for now πŸ™‚ Hope you have all had a good day πŸ™‚

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..well the river anyway!

Howdy all!! So the weather has been pretty good round here the last couple of weeks (sadly I think that mat be over with now…its a bit gloomy today!!) so me and John decided to go out for some fuuuuuuun! Unfortunately the day did not go as planned and I ended up sulking like a teenager haha!!

We were planning to get a train to some were nice so we could take some pics! We got into town nice and early(ish) and went to go get some Breakfast! Half an hour later and we are still waiting for said breakfast! It turns out that the server guy got our table wrong and took our order to another table…..even though the couple at the other table had ordered two breakfasts and the server took them a breakfast and a portion of chips…they still took it off him and proceeded to eat it!!! Does that make sense to anyone else??

By the time we got our food and had eaten it was too late to get the train anywhere 😦 We decided since it was sunny to go down to the Albert Dock and maybe get the Ferry Across the Mersey (que cheesy music :-p) to Seacomb and walk down to New Brighton! We get to the Albert Dock and there is a boat show on, so I get my camera out to take some pics…….and realise I haven’t actually charged it *face palm*….as soon as I took a picture it started flashing red at me NOOOOOOO!!

Sunny Albert Dock

I’m not really a boat person but this boat show has all tall ships and cool old style boats from around the world!! At this point I started worrying, should I turn my camera off after every photo or leave it on? what would be the best way to conserve the power?? Argh not good πŸ˜›

John, caught by surprise!!

Me in front of a cool boat and the ne Museum of Liverpool Life!

Please forgive my hair…it was very windy and I was having a hard time keeping it under control haha!! We walked around for a bit longer and I managed to get one more photo before my camera died 😦 John wanted to take a panoramic shot, he had to use the menus to get the setting and before he could even take it, the camera went off 😦 I must admit I proceeded to act like a teenager throwing a strop haha! I shouted at John for using the menus when really I was mad at myself for not keeping it charged!!

Close up of the Liver Buildings behind the Museum of Liverpool Life!

There was some Sea Cadet show on…which we missed, but John did get himself a Hog Roast burger and I had a twister mmmm twisters!! There wasn’t much point getting the Ferry to New Brighton if my camera wasn’t working as there isn’t much to do there except take photos of Liverpool from the other side haha!! I wasn’t in the best mood by now either πŸ˜› John kept trying to tell me we could do it again, but the weather here is so unpredictable that god knows when it will be that nice again! I was just disappointed that I had ruined the day!!

So the moral of my story is to always make sure your camera is charged πŸ˜› Hope you all have a very lovely day πŸ™‚

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