London Comic Con 2011…Part 3

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely day! It’s bloody sunny and hot here in Liverpool! It’s usually pretty dreary here so this makes a nice change! Although I must admit I frazzle in the sun so I tend to stay inside πŸ˜› Anyway I’m hoping I can FINALLY get my photos from Comic Con done in this post….it’s getting a bit long-winded now!! It’s at times like these that I feel I take too many photos…….. oops!

The last thing I recall talking about was batman on his phone…so lets dive right in and see what’s next πŸ™‚

Sonic The Hedgehog

I don’t suppose it would have been right to go to a Comic Con and not see someone dressed as this guy πŸ˜› The costume wasn’t that bad either!! There were some pretty awesome costumes but the ones I liked best were of my fave game/anime characters….sometimes people have never heard of them so it makes me happy when I see someone dressed up like them haha….i’m sad!!

Companion Cube!

The costumes above were pretty cool! Have any of you ever played Portal? It’s a crazy, confusing puzzle sort of game that is VERY addictive πŸ˜› And also quite odd!! The guy above is a companion cube from that game, the lady in the jumpsuit is who you play in the game! They were very popular and stood for ages letting people take photos πŸ˜€

Robot Dude and Wonder Woman!

All I can say is the robot guy must have been SWEATING in that get up! I don’t think Wonder Woman was that keen on the whole photo thing…it’s a good job I wasn’t actually after a photo of her then wasn’t it haha!! She did have a good costume on though!

Yuna and Tidus!

whilst strolling around the place I finally saw someone dressed up as my favourite EVER game character…TIDUS from Final Fantasy 10! I’m pretty sure it’s at this point that anyone reading this who is a Final Fantasy fan will start shouting at me and telling me I’m wrong but what can I say!! I was even more pleased that he was with Yuna!! They aren’t the best costumes ever but they were the only ones I saw so they win my prize for best dressed haha!!

Another Robot Dude!

This Robot Dude danced though!! I can see why he was outside all day though, dancing in a 6ft Robot costume does not sound like fun πŸ˜› he danced even more when he noticed me pointing my camera at him!!


No your eyes do not deceive you, that is Alien and an Army guy getting up having been sitting drinking a beer πŸ˜› Pretty much everyone turned around to watch as these guys walked out! I’m not sure if the locals knew what to make of it but they didn’t seem bothered only slightly amused!! The costume itself was pretty epic!!

Pretty cool!

I’ve promised myself that if I ever go to an event like this again and decide to get dressed up I will have a costume as good as that!! Although it must have been quite heavy!!


The costume this girl is wearing (yes it was a girl) is also one of my faves as it is of Laharl from Disgaea! I can’t even tell you how happy I was to see this costume! Most people look at me like I have twenty heads when I mention this game πŸ˜› I wanted to run out and give her a big hug or at least get on the photo but she was surrounded by so many people I thought it best not to πŸ˜›

Pyramid Head!

I had no clue what this costume was supposed to be when I saw it! I saw more than one person dressed as it and it was a crazy costume! A giant cone over someone’s head πŸ˜› They also carried a giant sword knife type thing and walked with a funny limp! When I got home I decided to try to find out what this costume is! I honestly didn’t think I could! I typed the first thing that came to mind……Pyramid Head and would you believe that’s actually what this thing is called! I kid you not!! It’s from one of the silent hills but I’m not sure which one!

Me and Solid Snake!

This bad boy has to be my star picture! Me and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid!! I look far too happy for my own good here! The guy was so nice too, I asked if he would get on and he was like yeah sure! I know for a fact this embarrassed John a lot but he dutifully took the photo πŸ˜› I was very pleased with the way it came out!!

Annnnnnnd there you have it! All done! Well I actually have many many more photos but I think I’d go a little insane if I tried to put them all up πŸ˜› I had really good time and I came back with some pretty good stuff πŸ˜€ I shouldn’t be allowed out with money at this type of thing! I’d love to go again next year *crosses fingers* πŸ™‚

Sorry there is no crafty stuff today….I am actually up to my eyes in knitting! I have so many things to Blog and update so keep your eyes peeled!! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚



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  1. Carmen
    Oct 03, 2011 @ 16:49:27

    I really love that last picture – well worth clicking on it as it comes up much larger!

    Have enjoyed seeing these pics – watching the Alien/soldier couple enjoy a cuppa must have been so funny!


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