London Comic Con part 2…….

Hmmm so where was I up to?? I probably should have checked my last Comic Con Post before I started πŸ˜› Here are the next batch of Photos from my adventures at the London Comic Con!!

Wow look at her gun!!

I really liked these guys! I would soooo love to get dressed up, I wouldn’t even know where to start haha! Just around the corner from the steampunk bit was this bad boy……

I need this in my life!

Can you honestly imagine driving around town in this? Well it would help if I could actually drive but that’s a whole different story right there!! take a closer look at the stirring wheel……

Just cool!

As we were walking around we saw the back of what looked like a very good Belle (from beauty and the beast) costume… turns out we did but it wasn’t at all what we were expecting…….

A+ for effort!!

I don’t know if this guy was being paid to dress like this but he did not look like a happy bunny bless him!! Literally everyone wanted to take his photo, I really think he was on the verge of crying!! We ventured outside to get some food and fresh air as it was crazy hot inside (and smelt a bit too eek!!)! There were just as many cool costumes there too! I have to put this next picture in as Vincent Valentine is one of my fave Final Fantasy Characters ever!!

Vincent valentine!

It was a very detailed costume and very impressive!! I should have run over and got on a photo but I was too shy πŸ˜› If anyone can tell me what/who this next photo is of I’d be very grateful as I have no idea but it’s really cool -P

Random orange dude!

There were a lot of people dressed up like they were in some kind of band πŸ˜› Ok maybe not any sort of band I’ve ever seen but that’s what they reminded me of haha!!


I mainly took this next picture because it made me laugh….

Batman making a call on his mobile πŸ™‚

Can you believe I still have MORE photos πŸ˜› I will hopefully get around to posting them soon.Β  I’m a bit of a happy snapper, I never want to miss a single thing and I get super annoyed if I do! What can I say haha!!

So in knitting related news….I feel I should relay some knitting related news as this Blog is the Little Red CRAFTING corner πŸ˜› I am well on my way to finishing the ‘Maggi’.Β  Maggi told me to go wild….so I have!! I hope she likes it!! Fingers crossed my friends fingers crossed! I have a few more orders to do to, mainly things for Christmas presents! If any of you lovely people are after a custom unique scarf then I am the lady for you πŸ™‚ Please feel free to message me with any questions about any of my knitting!!

Byeeeeee for now πŸ™‚


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carmen
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 19:48:30

    Would that be the Bat-mobile? Bwahahahaha! This looks like such a fun day! the orange thing kind of reminds me of a Pokemon character but have no clue really – I don’t know who half the characters are you mention πŸ˜‰


  2. yyam
    Sep 28, 2011 @ 04:38:15

    It must be so fun seeing people in costume at this event! πŸ™‚

    Hey will you be able to knit a cute little headband with a bloom for a baby girl? My niece has no hair …Let me know…:)


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