Mum’s The Word.

I recently did a post about my Fabulous Dad so I thought I would now do one about my Lovely Mum 🙂 I don’t actually have any pictures of my Mum on her own….I have no clue why that is but anyway here we are…Me and Mum……


In Wales!


This is Me (the small one with the Teddy Bear), Aunty Blodwin (Yes that is actually her name :-P) on the left, Nan then Mum….seriously how 80’s are those outfits haha!! This is outside my auntys house in Wales…I forget where exactly but I know it was kinda up a mountain somewere….I think!! I vaguley remember it…very vaguely!!


Travelling on a boat!


I’m pretty sure this one was in Wales too 😛 I don’t feel like we were in Wales a lot but all of our photos seem to be from there haha!! As I said before I am a total Daddy’s Girl, poor Mum used to have to sit around and wait for us whilst we went on “adventures”! In my defence she didn’t want to come to the top of the castles and stuff with us, I think she was a little scared!!


Sunny Sunny Benidorm!


This is me and Mum in Benidorm Spain, I think I was about 8 here! Its the only proper holiday we have ever been on! By that I mean going on an aeroplain etc!! It was incredibly hot and I don’t really like the heat which is probably why I don’t look too happy here!! They also made me go to the Kids Club they had there…..I was a painfully shy child and HATED every second of it! I just wanted to stay with Mum and Dad! I remember seeing a lot of stray cats….I think they were stray! I also remember being told I was too young for a sparkler in my Ice Cream 😦 BOO!


Mum and Me!


This is me and Mum last year!! I’ll be honest, we had a very difficult relationship through my teenage years! We did nothing but fight and argue and didn’t agree on anything! It’s a long story but basically I hated my School and had nop friends, I was isolated and lonely and I resented that Mum didn’t notice or seem to notice should I say!! I finally made friends around about the age of 15 and when I went to University at 18 I realised how much I missed them both! We get on great now and I love her to bits.  She is the kindest friendliest person you will ever meet, she makes friends with everyone!! She would do anything she could to help me and John out!! She even got a taxi into town once in the middle of the night because I was alone and couldn’t get one to pick me up!! She’s a Star!! I’ve asked her to try and dig out some more old photos of us as i’m sure there are plenty more!!

Oh I found a more recent picture of me and My Dad too….


Me and Dad

I don’t even think he knows we are taking a picture haha!! In other news I’m working on what could possibly be my best Item for Etsy yet….ooo excited, I hope you all like 🙂



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jacque
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 18:10:52

    JUST AWESOME!!!! What sweet smiles you both have!


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