Like Peas in a Pod?

Hello all! Today I have been inspired by a Blog that I follow called Theanne and Baron, it’s a really lovely Bog…you guys should check it out when you get a chance!! There are lots of posts about the author’s life with her late husband with accompanying photos which I just love to look at!! So when I recently found some old photos from my own collection I thought I would share them too!! So here we go…..

This is my Dad……..

Dad pretending to be a chef!

This was a few years a go now but he pretty much looks the same (maybe with a bit more weight and a bit less hair :-P)! He enjoys to cook and his cooking is good! In case you are wondering that is a paper bag on his head……he is a little eccentric shall we say 🙂

I have to be honest, I’m a Daddy’s girl and have been for my whole life as the following photos will show you!! My Dad is from Wales originally although he has now lived here far more years than he lived there!! My Nan (his Mum) lived in Caernarfon and I loved to go visit!! She lived right by the Castle which is pretty magnificent…..

Caernarfon castle

John took this photo when we went to visit it ourselves a couple of years a go!! It was a lovely day!! The Castle has the longest in tact City walls in Wales (I think I’ve got that right).


View From The Top!


Ah it really is amazing!! So anyway, me, Mum and dad used to hang out in Wales a lot! It was one of the best times in my life! There was a little Park just across the way from the Castle! You had to cross a bridge to get to it, so as a treat we would go and play! The Playground is still there but it’s VERY different and seems a lot smaller than I recall haha!!


Me and Dad in the Park.


Because there is only me Mum and Dad, its hard to get photos of the three of us together! I promise there are photos of me and Mum too but I thought I would put them in a separate post!!


I Love Dad.


This is my fave photo of me and my Dad! I love how I’m looking up at him with admiration 🙂 and he looks pretty happy too! This was taken in Conwy I think! There is also a Castle here! I remember going to visit the Worlds smallest house…i think that was Conwy….but it was so long a  go!! I must be under 8 here as my Nan died when I was that age and we didn’t go back to Wales as much after that.

Here are me and Dad a couple of years a go……..


Me and Dad at a party!

Please ignore my bad glasses and hair haha….i think I was about 20ish here (I never write the dates ont he back silly me!!) A little old lady on the bus once told me that me and Dad are like two peas in a pod! I always joke that it means he looks like a 27-year-old girl or I look like a 77-year-old man….but I like the idea really 🙂



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theanne
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 00:52:15

    Thank you so much Carol for including my blog in your post…very kind.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, I too was a Daddy’s Girl! My Dad died in 1992, I miss him still. What a wonderful smile your Dad has and he likes to cook. My Dad did too, he never got to cook unless my Mom was out of town. He and I would have a lot of fun when Mom was away. When I was older I learned to cook by cooking for him. Once I made pancakes, when he cut into one the batter ran out, another time I made hamburgers when he cut into one it was raw in the middle…but he never complained…he just waited till I recooked everything, then he ate it. The best was when I made him Cream Puffs…filled with vanilla pudding and topped with melted chocolate…they turned out perfect. He had a sweet tooth so he loved them.


    • cazhugs
      Mar 14, 2011 @ 22:11:16

      Cream puffs sound fab! Good old dad not complaining about the cooking! Tea time was always funny in our house…Mum used to cook for her and dad and dad used to cook for me 😛 he would use an ice cream scoop to put my mash on my plate so it was perfectly spherical…..and made me home made curly fries using the gadget you use to peel apples!!


  2. Jacque
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 02:07:42

    Awesome photos!


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