Back to basics!

I haven’t read a book in ages!! Ok so that isn’t strictly true…i’ve read How to crochet books and how to sew books and David Attenborough books and even a Mythbusters book…..but not like a story book!! So I decided this morning to pull out my fave ever read and start it again!!


I love this book!


I first bought this book because its set in Barcelona (I would live in Barcelona if It was possible!!), I pretty much read any book that is set there 😛 But once I started reading I couldn’t put it down!! My boyfriend always jokes that i can’t read a book without there being a library and some mystery involved…..and to tell you the truth he is pretty much right haha!! I highly recommend this book to everyone!! I won’t go into detail of the story but you can find details Here!! I don’t really know how it was received, I don’t usually rad reviews etc!!

He also wrote The Angels Game which I of course had to buy!! I made the mistake of buying the big massive hard back copy which makes it slightly difficult to carry around with me…..but it looks sooooo good on my book shelf!!


The Angels Game


The author intends these to books to be part of a four set series….so here I am sitting and waiting for the third one…I guess now I know what it must have been like for all those people who read Harry Potter from the beginning…….! Until the new book is out I will have to make do with these two gems again!! man I hope I don’t have too long to wait!!

Photoshop of the day……


Me on fire?

Well the hair bit worked anyway haha!!



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