Go Super Lambanana Go!

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Super Lambanana….but he is pretty famous round these parts!! You either LOVE him or HATE him! I personally LOVE him and always have! I suppose about now you are probably wondering what the heck a Super Lambanana is? Well he is basically what he is described as…half Lamb half Banana and he is pretty damn super…no really I’m not kidding here!!


In all his Glory!


And there he is…isn’t he magnificent?? I’m not sure if you can get a good idea of the scale of this thing from this photo but he is HUGE!! And bright Yellow and he brightened up my day every time I walked past him to the library in Uni!!


Me and the Super Lambanana!


I think most people hated him and he was almost sent away….i’m not sure why he wasn’t in the end! I think it had something to do with CAPITAL OF CULTURE! That’s the title Liverpool got around 2008 (I actually can’t remember the date, it might have been 2009)! Anyway as part of the “Celebrations” they came up with GO SUPER LAMBANANA GO…I might have made that title up a bit 😛 They made loads of mini Lambanana’s and got artists and locals to decorate them and name them then placed them all over the city! You could get a little map and a checklist to make sure you saw them all!!




So I made it my mission to find as many of them as I could……and of course take a photo 😛 This is me and Lamb-bassador, he was down by the docks! See I’m dedictaed…i even went looking in the pouring rain!!


Just Chillin with Rocksy!


The funny thing is, after these little guys started to pop up people started to like him! You would regularly see groups of people with their little Lambanana maps looking for a certain one!!


Supercottonwoolbanana and Superlambananaleaves


Now there are over 100 of these little beauties, sadly i didn’t get them all 😦 BOOO It was not through lack of trying I can tell you!! There are so many that I’m only putting up the ones that I managed to get on the photo with and it will probably still have to be a two-part post haha!!




This one was in the courtyard outside were people get married! My friend even has him on her wedding photos haha! I bet he is on quite a few wedding photos!! You can actually see confetti on the floor by my feet!!


SuperWagBagBanana and Koppy


The Wag bag one freaked me out a little, I really have no idea why! Koppy was cool though but that’s because I’m a Liverpool FC fan 😀 You can see how busy it was..i couldn’t get a shot with just me in it!!


Our Working Community


Each Lambanana had a little thing about the artists on, as I say some were by actual artists and some were designed by us locals…not me sadly though haha!


I can't work out which one this is!!


Argh I can’t work out which one this is and silly me didn’t make a note at the time haha! I think its Superconectedlambanana…but don’t hold me to that!!

And so concludes my Super Lambanana tour for today!! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maggi
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 13:48:48

    Ha! I’ve never heard of a Lambanana before, that is awesome! Loved seeing all the different ones, great pics!


  2. creativeapples
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 19:02:50

    omg! I’ve never seen or heard of these! How fun! They sorta remind me of the different decorated cows we had around Chicago several (several!) years ago!


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