Parcels, photographers, Photoshop and other things!

I LOVE it when I get a parcel in the mail 😀 even though I generally already know what they are it’s still a great feeling! The anticipation, the excitement!! Well today I had TWO parcels!! I knew what they both were but I couldn’t wait to get at them 😛

My snazzy new camara bag!

My current camara bag is HIDEOUS!! I mean I’m sure plenty of professional people us it and are very happy with it but it just wasn’t working for me!! When I bought it I was reliably informed it was Ice Blue…it wasn’t it was dull blue with dark grey bits on it…and the lining was grey! I tried jazzing it up with badges etc but it just looked silly! Over all the thing looked like a cooler bag!! So when I found this beauty i was OVER THE MOON! Its comfier, prettier and holds my camara better! It was also cheaper than the last one HURRAH!!

My SIGNED Twinkie Chan crochet book finally arrived!!

And so to the best thing to arrive in a parcel this year so far!! My TWINKIE CHAN Crochet book! I love Twinkie Chan’s stuff! I don’t know how I first came across her stuff but I’ve been hooked ever since! I can’t actually crochet, I’m a knitter 😛 But I HAVE to learn just so I can give some of these patterns a go! And the best bit….IT’S SIGNED!! Ah I will treasure this always!!

So if any of you have time please check out my Friend Ben’s profile on Red Bubble! He does some seriously good stuff! These are only some of his excellent photos! You can buy prints of them from Red Bubble! I’m buying a photo he took of a Toucan for my craft room…when it finally gets done!! You can also check out Ben’s stuff on Flickr.  He recently started his own business so if you like what you see you should contact him for sure!

Gradient Art

I decided to post another of my Photoshop successes!!  Again this is taken from a tutorial in Photoshop Creative Magazine! I love this style and I’m pleased with how it turned out!! Man if Only I could draw…the fun I could have with this sort of thing….well a girl can dream I guess!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maggi
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 22:01:21

    I am such a Photoshop loser, I have no idea how to do anything in it. LOL Great job!

    I just loveeeeeee Twinkie Chan’s book! I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up crochet in no time!


    • cazhugs
      Jan 23, 2011 @ 15:02:36

      Ah Photoshop is hard! I only have a clue as I religiously buy a tutorial magazine every month haha!! I’m hoping to get a crochet hook this week….wish me luck!!


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