Photoshop woes…..

I Love Photoshop! I actually genuinely love it…i’m just not great with it!! I have a subscription to Photoshop Creative Magazine which is about the only way I actually manage to do anything with it!! Along with being able to draw, I’d be SO happy if I could photoshop unaided!! If you go to my Flickr page you can see one or two things I’ve done but I’ve not really had a chance to do any major uploading!!


One of my all time faves!


This is one of the best things I’ve ever done on Photoshop and I’m extremely proud of it!! I wish I had come up with the idea myself but alas no!! I did use my own photo though instead of the one they provided!! I’m not really in to photo touch ups….I liek to do the weird and wonderful or change a photo so much that you know its been photoshopped!!


The Colosseum, Rome!


This little gem has a split tone effect on it! The original photo I took is one of my faves from that holiday and I love love this!! I’d make all my photos look like this if I had the time etc haha!! I even have a little Wacom Graphics tablet….I don’t know how I ever managed without it, it changed my photoshopping life!! I think I need an upgrade though, there is always room for an upgrade or two 😉

Well I guess this was just a post for me to lament the fact that I’m not really good at photoshopping from my own brain (or drawing at all) but at least I can give it a go!!


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