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In past Blog posts I’ve mentioned that I have an Etsy shop called Snowbunnysknits! It’s been around since some time in 2010 and sadly I’ve only had 2 sales in that time! I’ve never done anything like this before and I think I jumped in before I’d really thought about it properly! I was just so excited to be doing something I love…and yes I probably did imagine myself with a successful business that I’d started from scratch…people walking around in my knitted stuff etc! Well early in to 2011 nd I realise I’m a loooooong way off from that! I don’t want to give up but my heart sinks a little each time I check my page and I still haven’t sold anything!  One thing I try to do every day is research……research on how I can market my small business…any advice is truly welcome! So this brings me on to the focus of this post….


Creativeapples Blog!

I actually found this Blog when I was Tag Surfing and really loved the photos on the post on the front page! I subscribed to it and decided to take a little look at past posts etc!!  If you scroll down you will see a little drop down categories section, within this I found Craft Business Resources.  I can’t tell you how helpful this has been! It’s like a list of every useful website I’ve never been able to find myself!! I’m currently working my way through past posts and have already found a few gems! I really do recommend you have a nosey at this Blog! Not just for the Craft Business section but just in general, it’s a lovely little informative and fun Blog that I’m genuinely happy I stumbled upon! GO CREATIVEAPPLES!



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  1. Maggi
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 14:22:22

    Starting any sort of business is always an exciting adventure and a TON of work! lol I hope business picks up for you soon! I don’t personally have a shop (yet!) but I do know of a site you could check out if you haven’t already, she specifically helps crafty businesses: and you could also join in on the Twitter chats with Crafter Minds: They have great blog posts about networking, spending your time wisely, etc. Maybe you’d find that helpful? Hope it’s okay I suggested some sites, I could come up with more if you want them! lol 😀

    Good luck to you girl, I know it’s hard some days! Oh! Twinkie Chan’s book is so awesome! I have no doubt you could pick up crochet very quickly. 🙂


    • cazhugs
      Jan 19, 2011 @ 20:51:38

      Of course its ok, i’m always on the look out for help 😛 I don’t have a business mind….I don’t even have an organised mind haha! I just wish there was something I could do to say thanks!!


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