My first encounter with a glue gun..

So recently I bought myself a hot glue gun, I don’t recall ever having used one before…how hard can it be right? haha well this is me were talking about!!


Glue guns at the ready!


Sadly I don’t really have a craft area at the moment….I’m trying to clear out a back room of our house to make into my dream craft space…man its slooooow going!! So at the moment I’m actually using my computer desk….it’s a pretty big desk thankfully 😛 That cute little storage case was a gift from a friend last chirstmas…its so cute!! Anyway I heated up my glue gun and got my bits ready to glue……yeah hot glue guns (unsurprisingly) get hot! Ouch my fingers is all i can say! I ended up with glue strings all over the place too!


Argh bits of stringy glue EVERYWHERE 😛


After a couple of failed attempts I finally managed to stick what I was trying to stick…WOO YEAH!! For some one who loves crafts I can sometimes find actual crafting a bit fiddly 😛 So I was pleased I managed to complete my task!! It was also good as I know have a couple of items to update my Etsy shop with!!  Please feel free to have a little nosey round…you never know you might find something you like!!


My first attempt at a mug hug!


So here is a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working on! I realise this is an awful photo (bad light, bad angle, bit blurred) but I’m hoping it gives a little taste of what I’ve been doing!! Those things with the T and C on are meant to represent Tea and Coffee…depending on what you like to drink best!! They look A LOT better on an actual mug though!! What do you guys think? I think I need snazzier colours!! I like jazzy colours though so maybe I’m biased?

So my first time with a hot glue gun wasn’t so bad I guess….it can only get better as they sy 🙂


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  1. Maggi
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 16:39:13

    Congrats on your first glue gun! They’re wonderful once you figure out what they’re best for but unfortunately the stringy bits are always an issue. lol Have fun!


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